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Home Insurance


Trust Our Home Insurance Brokers to Protect Your Property

We realize how important your home is to you and your family. After all, we’re homeowners too. We understand the expense of not only purchasing a place, but the investment of time, money and pride in its upkeep. That’s why it makes sense to seriously consider the type of insurance you want to protect what will probably be the biggest investment in your life.

Rogers McLean Shaw home insurance brokers will work with you to find the best coverage for you and your family at the best price. We help outline what you truly need so you aren’t paying more money for coverage that isn’t necessary. Our expert brokers will help take the guess work out of choosing a property insurance policy so you can focus on enjoying your home.

We can help you protect the following personal insurance products:

  • Home Insurance – Homeowner’s insurance is for the entire building and the items within it. It helps cover the cost of repairing or replacing any potential loss you may experience over the course of being a homeowner. This can include damage inflicted by weather, stolen items, if someone is hurt on your property or if you accidentally hurt someone else’s property.
  • Condo Insurance – Is for your specific unit and the contents within it, plus any storage space included with your unit like a storage locker. It also includes personal liability in the instance that someone is hurt while on your property. It does not include the condo structure. If a pipe breaks in the basement or the roof starts leaking, this would not be covered through condo insurance.
  • Tenant Insurance – Otherwise known as renter’s insurance, covers the cost of insuring your personal belongings and the items in your vehicle like a car seat while renting someone else’s property. Most landlord’s will request tenet’s to have this insurance as a condition of the lease.

Why Do I Need Home Insurance?

In the event of something catastrophic like a fire or a flood would you be able to rebuild your home and replace all your belongings? If your home is broken into or vandalized, could you cover the cost of replacing stolen items or fixing damaged property? If someone was seriously injured while on your property, could you afford the cost a lawsuit?

The right home insurance coverage means that you can focus on addressing the issue at hand without having to worry about going into debt. Our experienced Rogers McLean Shaw brokers will help set your mind at ease by ensuring you have the right coverage so you can focus on what matters most.

Home Insurance Coverage

The thing about home insurance is that you hope you never have to make a claim but will be grateful for the right coverage if you do.

How much would it cost if you are faced with a mandatory evacuation from your home due to an emergency? Where will you stay and for how long?

During the fires in 2016 residents of Fort McMurray were faced with this situation as they tried to navigate the crisis and its aftermath. The right home insurance coverage can help ease some of the burden of these additional living expenses including lodging, transportation and food.

Would you be liable if a tree that was in your yard blew over in a storm and damaged your neighbours property or injured a person? These are the types of questions our industry leading brokers can help answer to determine your coverage needs.

What Impacts the Cost of Home Insurance in Alberta?

When looking at attaining the best insurance rates there are several factors that Rogers McLean Shaw home insurance brokers consider when building a quote, including:

  • Your home’s age
  • Your home’s location
  • The type of home you own, and the building materials used to construct it
  • Your insurance history
  • Your coverage options
  • Your home’s damage protection and security systems

It’s important to always be honest with a broker when discussing your home insurance needs. For instance, if you know that the area you live in is susceptible to flooding, you should tell your broker. Or saying that you have a security system when you don’t, can void your insurance if your house is broken into.

Ask a Rogers McLean Shaw insurance advisor how you can protect you and your family from an unexpected claim.

Why Choose Rogers McLean Shaw?

Your home is where you go to feel safe and secure which is how you should feel about your home insurance policy. At Rogers McLean Shaw, we know that saving money is important – you have a life to live!

As an Edmonton-based company for the past 65 years, our team of personal lines brokers know the market that surrounds your home. As a partner of the Rogers Insurance Group of Companies, we can compare prices across the market to find you the best home insurance quotes.

As a people focused company, we lead with customers like you in mind. Everyone at Rogers McLean Shaw will ensure that your needs are taken care of and supported from understanding the basics of your policy coverage to assisting you with the claims process. We are here to make sure you feel valued and heard.

Start a conversation with one of our expert brokers today to determine the right coverage for you.


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