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Aviation Insurance


Aviation Insurance for Aircraft Owners, Pilots and Companies

Whether you’re hauling passengers or freight, aviation insurance is critical to the lifeblood of an aviation company. Because of the risks inherent in the aviation industry as well as the magnitude of regulatory stipulations geared towards maintaining public safety, great detail is in involved in putting together a comprehensive insurance package.

As members of Aviation Alberta, our aviation insurance brokers have industry expertise to work with you to build an insurance package that works for your business and lifestyle

What Is Aviation Insurance?

Aviation insurance is designed to offer financial protection for the risks associated with operating aircrafts. Since the aviation industry has a unique set of hazards compared to other forms of transportation, it requires a specific set of insurance products to protect aircraft owners and operators from unanticipated losses.

Aviation Liability Insurance Coverage

Since there are many different aspects of the aviation sector, there are numerous aviation insurance coverage as well. Some of them include:

  • Commercial General Liability – covers property damage, injuries and potential legal expenses caused by negligent acts by yourself or an employee.
  • Scheduled Aircraft Liability – if your aircraft operation or specific aircraft causes injuries or damages this can cover some of the costs associated with that.
  • Temporary Substitute Aircraft Liability – extends third-party liability insurance to a temporary substitute aircraft.
  • Non-Owned Aircraft Liability – if you do not own this aircraft, this coverage can extend third-part liability and property damage to this vehicle. There can be limitations, so speak with your broker.
  • Airport Premises Liability – can cover damages to airport premises when operating an aircraft.
  • Public Liability – provides coverage for any damage done to third party property including houses, cars, and other aircraft in the event of an accident.
  • Passenger Liability – can help cover the cost of medical treatments for crew and passengers if they are injured while abroad your aircraft.
  • Cargo & Personal Effects Liability – can cover damage and loss to cargo and personal effects carried by aircraft.
  • Hangar & Contents Liability – can cover damage to a hangar and its contents caused when operating an aircraft.

These are just some of what is available – the type of coverage you need will depend on the size of your aircraft and how you use it. It’s best to speak with an aviation insurance broker to determine exactly what type of coverages you will need.

How Much Does Aviation Insurance Cost?

The cost of aviation insurance depends on several factors that include:

  • The size, type, make, model, age and value of your aircraft(s)
  • The take-off weight
  • How you use your aircraft (private, business, commercial for passengers or cargo)
  • Your cargo
  • Where you fly, how often you fly and how far you fly
  • Where and how your aircraft is stored
  • Your coverage options, policy limits and deductible
  • Your insurance and claims history

Why Select Rogers McLean Shaw as Your Aviation Insurance Broker?

Our team at Rogers McLean Shaw knows the aviation industry. As an independent insurance brokerage and member of Rogers Insurance Group of Companies, we have access to a large number of aircraft insurance markets.

Whether you own a small aircraft for personal use or are running a full-scale aviation business with thousands of employees – our experts can advice you on the coverage you need that aligns with your budget. Contact us today for more information or to request a quote.

Start a conversation with one of our expert brokers today to determine the right coverage for you.


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