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Business Insurance


Rogers McLean Shaw offers Business Insurance in Alberta

Running a business takes a lot of time and energy. You want to ensure that you are providing top notch service, looking after your sites and equipment, and keeping your employees safe. It’s a lot to manage on the best days. If things go wrong, Rogers McLean Shaw offers commercial insurance in Alberta so you can operate with a safety net to help support you and your company.

Regardless of your company size or industry, Rogers McLean Shaw has business insurance brokers with a variety of experience and knowledge. Our industry specialists can provide you with the best protection at an affordable price to help keep your business on track.

Business Insurance Customized for Companies in Edmonton

As an Edmonton-based business for more than 65 years, Rogers McLean Shaw is proud to provide quality service, competitive pricing and selection on a variety of business insurance solutions for all professional industries locally, nationally and internationally.

We want you to operate your business with peace of mind knowing that you will be supported if something goes wrong. Our team at Rogers McLean Shaw are committed to bringing Albertan business owners a human approach to insurance. Our brokers work with you to understand your unique business needs. Then, we put together a package of products that are customized to your company.

In Alberta, What Does Business Insurance Cover?

When looking at insurance for your business, it’s important to ask yourself questions like: Would my company survive if all my inventory was lost in a flood or fire? Could I afford a lawsuit?

Having the right insurance is important for Albertan’s. It helps protect your financial security, employees and assets. Having the right insurance coverage means that you don’t have to worry about what will be covered when it comes to protecting your livelihood.

Our brokers understand the Alberta market when it comes to assessing risk, economies and industries. They work with you to determine your business’ commercial insurance needs on everything from property business insurance to commercial general liability.

What Type of Business Insurance Do I Need?

Every business is different, which is why the brokers at Rogers McLean Shaw will work with you to help define the insurance needs for your business.

We ensure that you have the right coverage at the right price.

Here are a few types of business insurance that are essential for many industries:

Commercial General Liability (CGL)

If someone is injured, or their property is damaged because of your services, products or operations, commercial general liability insurance can cover legal fees if you are sued. For example, if a contractor for a cleaning company accidentally knocks over and breaks a customer’s family heirloom while on the job.

Our insurance experts will ask you about specific situations and provide you with insights to help determine your companies risks for liability claims.

Professional Liability Insurance (E&O)

A client who experiences financial loss may blame a business for advice or services they provided, which could result in a lawsuit. Professional liability insurance (also known as errors and omissions insurance) can help protect your company if a situation like this occurs.

Director & Officers Liability Insurance (D&O)

Directors and officers of non-profit organizations or private companies can be faced with legal action for alleged wrongful acts that can include misrepresentation of finances, defamation and employee allegations. To help mitigate this risk, D&O insurance can help protect you and your company from these types of claims.

Commercial Property Insurance

In the past 10 years alone, Albertan’s have faced devastating floods and fires throughout the province. Commercial property insurance provides coverage for the repair and replacement of lost property, inventory, documents and income. Our expert insurance brokers can help you assess and determine your business insurance risks.

Business Interruption Insurance

Business interruption insurance protects against income loss that is the direct result of destruction, loss or damage of insured property. This could be from a burst pipe in a restaurant kitchen to a hailstorm that ruined a building’s siding and roof.

Industry-Specific Insurance Solutions

We also offer industry-specific business insurance to the following industries:

Start a conversation with one of our expert brokers today to determine the right coverage for you.


Rogers McLean Shaw has merged with Acera Insurance.

As one of the largest independent, employee-controlled brokerages in Canada, Acera Insurance provides our clients with the utmost certainty in the specialized solutions we provide.

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