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Farming & Agriculture Insurance in Alberta


Edmonton-Based AgPro Insurance Brokers

Western Canada and the Prairies have a unique set of agricultural risks for farmers. Our AgPro insurance brokers can provide expert advice and will tailor a comprehensive protection policy that brings you peace of mind.

While our agriculture insurance brokers specialize in commercial farming insurance, we are also a full-service insurance brokerage. Our team can place everything from equine mortality to commercial general liability for trainers and boarding facilities. We also provide coverage for farm and personal automobiles, as well as home, condo or tenants insurance. Connect with a broker today to learn more.

Unparalleled Agricultural Expertise & Service

Whether it’s for your revenue farm, hobby farm, acreage, animal mortality, equine facilities, implements, or just agricultural equipment, our AgPro insurance brokers believe in helping protect our local farmers.

We work with you to find the insurance you need at a price you can afford, with a pay plan that works. Your peace of mind and security are our greatest priority – you can rest easy with AgPro.

Claims Happen

Fire, sewer back ups, weather, auto accidents and identity thefts are the unfortunate reality these days. You rely on AgPro and our insurer partners to help you through the tough times.

Pay Plans

Budgets, we all have them. We have flexible pay plans to suit your needs. Choose from full, 3 pay or monthly payments – we work with you to find the insurance you need with the pay plan that works.

We Come to You

We want to understand your operation(s) and get to know you, so we’re happy to come out to the farm at your convenience. Connect with us today to schedule an on-site visit with one of our professionals.

What Is Farm Insurance and Who Needs It?

Each farm in Alberta is unique and has a diverse and complex operation. From hobby farms to large-scale businesses – they are a central part to many Albertan communities. We know that for many farmers the place where you work is also where you call home. That’s why it’s important to have coverage that protects what matters to you if the unexpected happens.

Looking for more information about coverages tailored for specific types of farm operations?
Ask one of our farm and agricultural insurance specialists about:

  • Crop farms
  • Dairy insurance
  • Poultry insurance
  • Livestock insurance
  • Equine insurance
  • Cattle insurance
  • Mixed farming operations

We Place All Classes of Ag Risks

From landownership, hobby farms, intensive livestock, specialty, vegetable or crop farming and agri business – we’ve got your investments covered. We place all classes of agricultural risks, even some of the more difficult ones.

Common Insurance Coverage Options for Farms

  • Dwellings and Farm Outbuildings – This can include coverage on barns, workshops and sheds that are located on your and will help cover any losses that may occur.
  • Farm Machinery and Tools – Farmers need a lot of equipment to get the job done including tractors, combines and a variety of other tools. This type of coverage protects the gear needed for your operations.
  • Equipment Breakdown – We can provide coverage for equipment across your entire property and structures, such as barns and even certain systems within your dwelling. Items can include generators, ventilation systems, heating and air systems, as well as well or irrigation pumps.
  • Agricultural Products – Coverage for feed, threshed grain or swathed grain, such as hay, grown on your farm.
  • Business Interruption / Loss of Income – If you are forced to stop farming operations due to an insured peril, this coverage can help you by providing funds so you can continue to pay the essentials while you wait for the work to continue.
  • Livestock & Animal Mortality – We provide solutions for your commercial livestock, including horses, cattle, and poultry, both on the farm and during transit.
  • Horse Insurance Coverage – We provide package policies for your horse(s) including mortality, medical plus surgical, disability, stallion infertility, liability and more.
  • Pollution Insurance – This covers bodily injury claims and property damage, along with clean-up costs, caused by contamination from hazardous waste materials such as chemicals and fertilizers you may be spraying on your fields.
  • General Liability – Covers property damage, injuries and potential legal expenses caused by negligent acts by yourself or an employee.

What Kind of Insurance Do I Need for A Hobby Farm?

A hobby farm is a relatively small-scale farm that is operated for pleasure or to supplement income, rather than providing your primary income. Owners of hobby farms often have other jobs and sources of income. Even if your farm isn’t a large business venture, we know you’ve put a lot of time and energy into making it what it is today, and we want to make sure you have the right insurance to protect it.

Whether you farm relates to cropping, vegetables, cattle, dairy or poultry, you’ll want to be sure you have the right coverage in place to continue growing your hobby. You may want to consider options such as production cost insurance or hail insurance to protect your crops, or builders risk to cover any dwellings or outbuildings. If you have horses, you may want to consider equine liability of cover any riding operations or horse clubs.

No matter the size, we use specialty carriers that understand the risks involved and tailor coverage to your needs. Connect with an AgPro insurance broker for more recommendations on the best insurance coverage for you.

Custom Coverage for Unique Farm Risks

Providing tailored coverage is essential to addressing the specific work being done on your farm. As each farm comes with unique risks this can be complex to insure. Volatile global markets, livestock diseases, consumer demands, technology and the weather can all play a big part in issue’s that Alberta farmer’s face.

To protect your business, making sure that you are working with an insurance broker with agribusiness experience is crucial. Our team will provide you with a risk management assessment and support so that you can have peace of mind.

Commercial Insurance Coverage

Whether your operations are kept separate, mingled with the farm or run out of your home, we have the coverage that you need. If you are interested in learning more about our overall commercial insurance products, please review our business insurance section.

Automobile Insurance Coverage – On and Off the Farm

We place all types of automobiles including personal vehicles, commercial hauling for others, farm vehicles, fleets, motorcycles, classic cars, atvs and snowmobiles. Whether it’s two, four or more wheels, we have the insurer for you.

Why AgPro and Rogers McLean Shaw?

Your agricultural insurance needs to match your business and budget. Our team of expert advisors work closely with you so they understand your business and can develop a policy that is custom tailored to your exact needs.

We stay current with changing conditions in farming to ensure you get the risk-management assessments necessary to customize the ideal package for your business. We’ll include the basics such as property and assets from buildings and farm machinery to animals, threshed grains, liabilities, and everything in between.

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How to Report a Claim and Get Assistance

Your first step is to call us, but if things go wrong after hours, there is help available, we’ve listed emergency numbers here for you:

AgPro Insurance Brokers

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Crawford and Company (Canada) Ltd.
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24/7 Claims Reporting

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Global Ag Risk Solutions

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Portage La Prairie Mutual Ins Company

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AFTER HOURS: holidays, weekends, dead horse, vet recommended euthanasia:
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