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With more than 55 years as an established insurer in Forestry, McLean & Shaw recognizes the risks faced by most logging and forestry companies. Whether it’s bringing down trees on site, hauling logs, or processing the raw materials at the mills, McLean & Shaw is the one-stop shop for your coverage and protection.

The use of heavy machinery, felling and moving timber increases the risks of accidents from personal injuries, equipment damage and the abundance of dirt and dust working its way into nooks and crannies of equipment can play havoc with the performance of the machinery. A toxic or flammable fluid leak can increase the risk of a forest fire, causing destruction to not only the logging fleet but the environment as well. Then there are environmental factors like icy roads that could cause logging truck accidents or machinery damaged by ground instability in areas dominated by muskeg.

To help you manage the affects of these unwanted circumstances, we offer a number of packages providing a range of coverage that address the exposures associated with forest firefighting, environmental damage, equipment damage, building and office coverage.

McLean & Shaw’s insurance experts can walk you through an array of alternatives until a perfect fit is found for your business. Whether the coverage is short-term or long-term, we can put a policy together that you can afford.

Minimizing the risk in one of the most hazardous industries goes a long way towards realizing greater rewards.

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