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We are proud to provide quality service, competitive pricing and selection on a variety of commercial insurance solutions for all professional industries locally, nationally and internationally.

Quality Service & Competitive Pricing

For decades, McLean & Shaw has taken the worry out of risk assessment in Alberta's thriving construction sector, helping businesses fully understand how to protect themselves and determining what construction insurance coverage they need, from conception to completion.

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Our transport team specializes in alternative risk transfer (self-insurance programs), managing risk and optimizing the cost of any transportation insurance program by analyzing your existing insurance program and providing you with our recommendations.

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From assessing potential hazards to understanding the phases and functions requiring coverage, count on McLean & Shaw for your oil and gas industry insurance coverage. We can customize an insurance policy that minimizes the risks of any venture.

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Our experts know how to keep your business protected against the risks that go with manufacturing and distributing products that could be enjoyed across Canada and even around the world.

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We know that next to your family, your business is the most important thing in your life, and an unpredictable economy and other factors out of your control call for some heavy risk assessing. As an independent business ourselves, we know what it takes to stay financially stable even in the face of an uncertain economy and a provincial environment that's always changing.

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With over 60 years as an established insurer in Forestry, McLean & Shaw recognizes the risks faced by most logging and forestry companies. Whether it's bringing down trees on site, hauling logs, or processing the raw materials at the mills, McLean & Shaw is the one-stop shop for your coverage and protection.

McLean & Shaw has comprehensive Insurance package policies designed specifically for the hospitality industry, including protection for your building and contents covering areas such as crime and legal liability. Whatever your operation might be, we can create a policy that's specific to your business.

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More and more, families and companies invest in security measures to protect themselves against the risk of property damage and bodily harm. Ensure peace of mind and safety for your family or company, even if you have security measures in place. A security services program put together by McLean & Shaw can go a long way towards ensuring your protectors are protected as well.

Given the plethora of unknowns, it helps to have an insurance broker who puts a great deal of progressive thought into creating the ideal policy for a technology company. And while we pride ourselves in offering comprehensive solutions, it helps to be open-minded and flexible as well. We'll evaluate your coverage needs, create a technology insurance solution that's a perfect fit for your needs, and help cut down on the uncertainty.

McLean & Shaw realizes the importance of the wholesale/retail industry in Alberta, and we understand the kind of coverage needed to protect the inventories that comprise the bulk of property assets for these kinds of businesses.

McLean & Shaw takes special care of our not-for-profit clients to ensure that the coverage they receive will put them at ease so they may focus their attention on pursuing their goals of goodwill.

Regardless of the business and industry, our expert staff has all the bases covered. They can not only identify the most pressing concerns, they can also explain the process simply and compile a specific policy that fits the budget of your business. Access to markets and insurance partners across Canada and worldwide ensures you'll get the most comprehensive package possible.

Western Canada and the Prairies have a unique set of agricultural risks for farmers. With the assistance of AgPro Insurance Brokers McLean & Shaw can provide expert advice and can tailor a comprehensive protection policy that brings you peace of mind. Whether it's for your revenue farm, hobby farm, acreage, livestock, equine, implements, or just agricultural equipment, McLean & Shaw believes in protecting farmers with the expert advice of AgPro Insurance Brokers.

Whether you're hauling passengers or freight, aviation insurance is critical to the lifeblood of an aviation company. Because of the risks inherent in the aviation industry as well as the magnitude of regulatory stipulations geared towards maintaining public safety, great detail is in involved in putting together a comprehensive insurance package.

We provide sports insurance for:

  • Teams
  • Organizations
  • Associations
  • Tournaments

McLean & Shaw as the commercial insurance products you need to run your business. We are proud to provide quality service, competitive pricing and selection on a variety of commercial insurance solutions for all professional industries locally, nationally and internationally.

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