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McLean & Shaw realizes the importance of the wholesale/retail industry in Alberta, and we understand the kind of coverage needed to protect the inventories that comprise the bulk of property assets for these kinds of businesses.

A comprehensive property insurance package will take into account your inventory and can offer protection for your office, store, equipment and even property in transit. A general liability package is also important and can help protect your business against potentially costly lawsuits and any form of business interruptions right up to and including major catastrophes. And in a market that is often unpredictable, it helps if you have protection involving loss of business income and outstanding accounts receivables.

We won’t forget the basics of your business either- protection for sewer and drain backups, cyber risk that compromises critical data, equipment breakdowns, utility interruptions, security and money losses due to theft, and damage to signage whether they’re freestanding or attached to your building are also really important considerations for your overall coverage.

At McLean and Shaw, all the essential bases are covered so you can focus on your wholesale or retail operations.

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