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More and more, families and companies invest in security measures to protect themselves against the risk of property damage and bodily harm.

Those who invest in security should also take note that such services also require protection, especially with security guards assigned to protect the property and people under their employed jurisdiction. It’s a job that can be complicated, where accountability can mean the difference between maintaining a safe environment to mitigating a hazardous one. And the dangers of enforcing law and order for the sake of a security-conscious client can occasionally be dangerous, thus warranting the need for insurance coverage.

Besides security guards, other target risks include private investigators, surveillance personnel, armed guards, concierge services, airport employees and guard dog services. But the list of items subject to similar risks extends to alarms (including sales, installation, maintenance and monitoring stations and alarm response guards), fire suppression system installers and fire extinguishing maintenance, automatic sprinkler system contractors, locksmith and card access installers, closed-circuit television, security training schools, retail store security and telephone answering and paging.

Coverage under this area of insurance includes failure to perform, failure to provide warranted protection, bodily injury and property damage, advertising liability, personal injury including libel, slander, discrimination, false arrest detention and imprisonment. Also included are care, custody and control coverage (including physical damage to non-owned vehicles), intentional injury in defense of persons or property, employees as additional insured parties, tenant legal liability, lock and key replacement, employee dishonesty and property damage.

Ensure peace of mind and safety for your family or company, even if you have security measures in place. A security services program put together by McLean & Shaw can go a long way towards ensuring your protectors are protected as well.

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