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McLean & Shaw takes manufacturing to heart, especially when talking about businesses owned and operated by people who have a passion for what they produce.

Our experts know how to keep your business protected against the risks that go with manufacturing and distributing products that could be enjoyed across Canada and even around the world.

We stay current with changing conditions in manufacturing to ensure you get the risk-management assessments necessary to customize the ideal package for your business. We’ll include the basics such as general liability, property and assets from buildings and machinery to vehicles, employee benefits, liabilities, and everything in between.

McLean & Shaw’s access to international markets can help ensure the risks surrounding large and small scale distribution overseas will be properly assessed.

In periods of economic uncertainty, with local markets intersecting with global interests more and more, measuring the outcome has become a source of anxiety for most businesses. Throw in industry regulation, changing safety measures, a fickle consumer base, mechanical breakdowns, international competition, market fluctuations and potential for legal action in the case of a faulty product, manufacturing and distribution more than ever needs protection from the unexpected. McLean & Shaw can help minimize the worry surrounding these variables.

Our expert solutions include coverage for:

  • Primary and fabricated metal
  • Machinery and equipment
  • Food and beverage
  • Concrete and concrete products
  • Printers
  • Machine shops
  • Auto parts – critical and non-critical
  • Electrical appliances
  • Refrigeration and HVAC equipment

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