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Contractors Insurance

McLean & Shaw recognizes the work a contractor puts into a job and the instability that may occur between construction projects, especially when trying to build a steady client base. That’s why we develop comprehensive insurance packages tailored to contractors, covering everything from protection for equipment, building and office, contents and liabilities associated with crime and legalities.

We can provide protection for a number of contractor positions including:

  • masonry
  • electrical work
  • plumbing
  • door and window installation
  • landscaping
  • road paving
  • concrete and cement work
  • land grading
  • painting
  • drywall
  • finishing trades
  • specialty contractors

We ensure that coverage extends to other factors that go with your specific job including installation, tools, and computer breakdowns. There’s also replacement cost valuation on contractors’ equipment up to 60 months and equipment rental reimbursement expense and contractors equipment loss of earnings coverage.

We’ll take into account liability extension policies covering building material replacement costs, crane and hoist operator liability, and limited coverage for the failure of work meeting written specifications.

Make sure you have the necessary liability insurance you need to limit the stress every time you take on a major project.

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