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Whether you're hauling passengers or freight, aviation insurance is critical to the lifeblood of an aviation company.

Because of the risks inherent in the aviation industry as well as the magnitude of regulatory stipulations geared towards maintaining public safety, great detail is in involved in putting together a comprehensive insurance package.

McLean & Shaw’s policies cover all the basics in aviation company coverage from public liability protection to passenger liability insurance, as well as the option to merge both into a combined single unit policy for more flexibility in handling claims. We can also offer policies to cover your company’s staff and other assets, something to keep in mind when looking at the kind of coverage you need.

Because of McLean & Shaw’s extensive relationships worldwide, built from decades establishing partnerships outside Canada, your company’s international ventures can be effectively covered. We can also offer other services including analysis of risk and liability, around-the-clock emergency response, safety and engineering surveys and regular coverage reviews, just to name a few.

No matter what you need to protect your aviation business, with McLean & Shaw, the sky’s the limit.

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